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All consultations, including the free initial consultation, are held in person with the attorney that will be representing you… not a secretary or paralegal. With Rosier Law you will not meet your attorney for the first time in court.  Give us a call today for your free consultation!


Were you recently stopped and charged with Driving Under the Influence?  Mr. Rosier understands that many times officers, although meaning no harm, come to incorrect conclusions about people.  Simple things that can be explained away with an explanation other than alcohol impairment can cause officers to wrongly conclude someone was driving under the influence.  For example, trying to answer a ringing cell phone can cause a temporary swerve.  Or, working long hours in front of a computer can cause anyone’s eyes to turn red and watery.  Officers are taught to conduct Field Sobriety Tests (FSEs) to determine whether a person is under the influence of alcohol.  However, most people don’t regularly stand on one leg for extended periods or touch their nose while tilting their head back and closing their eyes.

Whatever the case may be, if charged with DUI, you will need vigorous representation.  Give Rosier Law a call for a free consultation.

Drug Possession

Were you recently charged with possessing a controlled substance?  Many time officer will make an arrest without determining if the drugs were actually yours.  Maybe you have a prescription that you were not able to show to the officer right then and therefore you were arrested.  Or, perhaps the drugs were yours.  Sometimes punishment is not the best answer when someone is addicted to drugs.  If eligible, Mr. Rosier could help you enter into an intervention program with a goal of getting you drug treatment, and not punishment.

Whatever the case may be, give Rosier Law a call to discuss your options.


Have you been charged with leaving the scene of an accident?  Or possibly driving on a suspended license?  Many times, once you receive one citation, others follow, spinning a complex web that is hard to untangle.

Let Rosier Law help you through this complex and frustrating process.


Are you a juvenile?  Have you been charged with a crime?  The juvenile justice system is very different from the adult justice system.  Mr. Rosier spent a lot of time in the juvenile department of the State Attorney’s Office.  He understands the differences and can help you or your child through the process.  Don’t let one mistake as a juvenile jeopardize your future.

Give Rosier Law a call today to get the protection you need.


Have you been charged with a misdemeanor that does not have its own tab?  Maybe it was trespassing, resisting an officer without violence, or simple battery?

Whatever the charge is, Mr. Rosier specializes in misdemeanor crimes and is ready to help.  Give him a call today!


One thing that separates Mr. Rosier from other criminal defense attorneys is his viewpoint towards trial.  Many criminal defense attorneys avoid trial at all costs.  And the others usually want more money if that is the route you decide to take.

In the event your case does go to trial, there is absolutely no extra charge.  The fee you are quoted includes the option for trial.  And, if you didn’t already know, Mr. Rosier loves trials.

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