Mr. Rosier is a life long resident of Tampa and proudly calls Tampa home. In fact, both sides of his family have been residents of Tampa for many generations. This explains why Mr. Rosier feels so passionately about protecting the city. And let’s face it, Tampa is nothing without the amazing people that also call Tampa home. That is why when someone is falsely accused of a crime, Mr. Rosier makes it his personal mission to correct any injustices. Don’t worry if you are in Pinellas, Pasco, or Plant City, Mr. Rosier will protect you too.

Mr. Rosier began his career in criminal law before graduating from law school. In his second year at Stetson University, he began interning at the State Attorney’s Office (SAO). Mr. Rosier began in the Economic Crime Unit and eventually became a Certified Legal Intern. This allowed Mr. Rosier to try a felony Conspiracy to Commit RICO case before even graduating from law school. After two years of interning, graduating from law school, and passing the bar, Mr. Rosier was hired by the SAO as an Assistant State Attorney (ASA). He spent two years as an ASA. While there he was assigned to numerous different divisions, including County Court, Juvenile Court, VOP Court, and Drug Court. Mr. Rosier was able to participate in over 20 jury trials, countless non-jury trials and argued hundreds of motions.

Mr. Rosier eventually decided to leave the SAO, and is now happy to be protecting Tampa!


Florida State University - 2007 B.S. Finance
(Cum Laude)

University of Tampa - 2008 M.S. Finance
(with Honors)

Stetson University College of Law - 2013 J.D.
(Cum Laude)


Mr. Rosier


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